Most of abcs's website development has been accomplished on Windows platforms using a rich and proven set of web development tools.  Whether the website is being implemented on your own servers or on servers provided by a third party organization, abcs can help make it happen.

Websites & Portals

If your goal is to inform the world about you, your organization, or your company, then a rich, informative, and professional-looking website can be generated in very little time. It can be created with as much or as little complexity as desired. Let us work together to develop your next website.

Today, website development needs to be designed to work equally well on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.  The use of Twitter's Bootstrap CSS and Javascript libraries, the Angular framework, and HTML5 responsive design functions allow that to be accomplished. is an example of that functionality.

Need a reliable place to have your website hosted? There are many quality vendors that provide standard, as well as commercial e-commerce, websites for a small monthly fee. Many can provide up times that exceed 99.9%. abcs uses and recommends