The installation of a major Commercial Off-The_Shelf (COTS) application within a business consists of more than just sticking a CD in a computer and running SETUP.EXE. Knowledge and understanding of the new application(s) is, of course, essential, but more importantly, the knowledge and understanding of the business and the data processes used therein and how those processes will be affected by the new application(s) is critical.  That knowledge and understanding, essential ingredients to a successful installation and implementation, will allow the business to transition its operation so that it can successfully compete in today's financial climate. Knowing the impact that such a major change will have on the user base, the degree of complexity in integrating it with other critical systems, and the need for all of this to occur without a major impact to normal daily operations are all key factors requiring consideration, analysis, and planning.

OTS Applications

Within the healthcare payor marketplace, TriZetto's Facets software application is an Off-The-Shelf (OTS) application that has been a prodominent player. When converting from another system to TriZetto's Facets application, care must be taken in configuring the Facets system as well as converting the legacy data to the new format.  Having a working knowledge of the Facets data model and an understanding of data relationships is invaluable in reducing the time needed to convert that legacy data to the Facets RDBMS.  abcs has been instrumental in helping organizations smoothly make that transition so that the valuable data used within the legacy system is just as available in the Facets system. 

Custom Software

Of course, when commissioning abcs to create a custom software solution, the installation of that software is a part of the service provided. abcs works with the client's users to insure that not only is the software installed correctly, but that the users of that software are comfortable with its operation.