United HealthCare

UHC wanted to combine an active Facets production database (Life) with a new Facets configuration database containing similar information but for a totally separate line of business (Dental).  The task required a complete analysis of the two databases, the tables in common, and the hierarchical structure of the tables that would need to be merged to insure referential integrity.  Data needed to be extracted from the Dental database, temporarily stored in flat text files, and then used as source data for constructing SQL statements for inserting the Dental data into the Life database.  These insertions had to be performed in top-down order; using existing Facets “INSERT” stored procedures and the newly created SQL statements.  The result was a fully relational Sybase database that contained both Life and Dental data.  Using Perl as the main programming language, the process was refined, streamlined, and optimized to reduce its initial execution time to extract and reinsert almost 8 million records from 18+ hours to approximately 3 hours.

Provided technical leadership and consultation to United Health Care, on behalf of The Trizetto Group, for the creation of the technical and functional design documents involving the merging of two separate production databases into one while upgrading both to the current release level.

United HealthCare of Colorado