Blue Care Network (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan)

BCN wanted to add hundreds of customized reports and letters to the standard Facets application configuration. Each report needed to be capable of being launched separately or combined with several others on a predetermined schedule.  The task required a complete analysis and understanding of the two operating system platforms and 10 different servers for each of five separate environments.  It necessitated the development and use of a code generator that allowed for the continued refinement of over 1500 scripts in those five environments.  This positively affected the code promotion process, reducing the error rate from 80% of the problems to less than 2% of the problems.  This also prevented an $18M penalty from being levied because it was the most significant reason that TriZetto was able to meet its targeted delivery date with its customer.

Provided technical leadership and consultation to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, on behalf of The Trizetto Group, for the ongoing support of the technical infrastructure and supporting scripting system (dubbed Launchware) that provided standardization, environment independence, multi-server communication, and task-launching capabilities to 10 separate Windows and UNIX servers in each environment.