HealthNow of New York Upgrades to Facets 4.71

The client, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Western New York and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Northeastern New York dba HealthNow of New York wanted to upgrade its TriZetto’s Facets 4.41 application to the 4.71 version and upgrade its ITS Blues Association application to 11.2 on the same weekend. They also wanted to perform this upgrade in a more structured and controlled testing environment that followed a very strict SDLC model and they wanted to do it using many of the newest testing methods and tools. In order to accomplish all this, additional development and test environments needed to be constructed, support systems, development tools, testing tools, and a variety of additional applications needed to be installed to support the initiative. The multiple development environments along with the multiple test environments established for this upgrade allowed the execution of multiple parallel development efforts, as well as QA Testing, User Acceptance Testing, and Performance Testing.