Fidelis Care

Fidelis Care was upgrading their Sybase Database Engine Platform in preparation for the upgrade of their Facets Software Application to the current release. In an effort to increase the speed and performance of the new DB engine, new hardware was purchased on which the database was to operate and it was that hardware that would be utilized in the new production environment. 

In order to minimize the effort required at Go-Live and in an attempt to make other future upgrades run more smoothly, Fidelis made a decision to update all code that referenced a static IP address to a more dynamic DNS name. 

My role was to help the Fidelis development team identify all of the source code containing IP addresses so that their development teams could remediate the code. I was also asked to analyze stored procedures, modify VB.NET applications, and modify a VB6 application that needed, not only an update of the IP addresses to DNS names, but a number of other business logic and database schema modifications. 

My Responsibilities, as Senior Developer, included:

  • Analyzing SQL stored procedures and making suggestions for improving speed, performance, logic, error reporting, and logging functionality
  • Modifying VB.NET applications to point to a DNS name rather than a hard-coded IP address.
  • Modifying a VB6 application, incorporating configuration files that identified the DNS name of the Sybase and MS SQL Server database servers.
  • Updating the MS SQL Server database schema, eliminating 7 fields and adding 12 others.
  • Helping to develop and modify a PowerShell script that would traverse the entire TFS directory structure and a network drive/directory structure looking for files with IP addresses, and once found, would report the filename, line number, and content that needed to be changed.
  • Helping Fidelis Care establish a working VB6 development environment so that any future modifications, that needed to be performed prior to converting the application to a .NET platform, could be performed within that environment.

Fidelis Care