True Manufacturing

In the first project, the client wanted to update their Kentico CMS website to allow a user to scan the QR Code affixed to each of their manufactured refrigeration products via a user’s smartphone and have the system return the serial number, original shipment date, warranty status, spec sheet, installation manual, video, nearest parts depot, and nearby service locations. They also wanted to allow the user to enter the serial number manually on a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer and have the system return the same information (i.e. 

The next project involved the incorporation and interactive display of a parts breakdown SVG format graphics file upon the successful entry of a manufactured product’s serial number. It allowed the user to drill down into through multiple levels of parts disassembly until the user was able to identify the part they needed. This was initially developed for deployment into the European market, but was scheduled for future deployment internationally into all True Manufacturing markets. 

The Kentico CMS system utilized an MVC framework that allowed the development and inclusion of Web Parts similar to SharePoint sites as well as traditional HTML development that incorporated JavaScript, JQuery, KnockoutJS, Bootstrap, and CSS. Multiple SQL stored procedures were developed for retrieving the needed information from multiple databases on multiple servers. WCF Web Services/APIs were also developed that called the stored procedures and returned the information to the requesting JavaScript. The HTML web page was created using Bootstrap’s row/column structure and multiple CSS media definitions allowing the same page to be viewed on all devices from an iPhone to a huge Surface Hub display screen. 

The deployment to the production system was completed on an Azure Platform using blob storage for all of the graphics files. 

My Responsibilities, as Developer, included:

  • Developing the SQL stored procedures used to retrieve the data from multiple databases.
  • Developing the API Web Services used to serve up the data retrieved from the stored procs.
  • Developing the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to capture the data from the web services and display that data on the target platforms.

True Manufacturing