As the owner of this website, I wanted to rewrite it utilizing the AngularJS framework, Bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3, if for no other reason than to improve my skillset with this technology. 

The site needed to be responsive, utilize many of the capabilities that the AngularJS framework makes available, and do so in a logical and exemplary way. The website also needed to work equally well on tablets and smartphones, just as it did on standard and extra-large desktops, so Bootstrap and CSS3 were employed for that purpose. JQuery, Bootstrap, and CSS3, specifically transitions and transformations, were used to create some of the animation. 

The resulting website employs many of the base components within the Angular feature set as well as some additional plugins that extend that feature set. Filters, directives, controllers, and services from the base set of Angular components were utilized as well as a photo carousel and calendar from the Angular-UI library. 

In the development phase, I utilized Grunt and Gulp as task runners/managers during the development process so that any time code was changed and saved, the website would be recreated and redisplayed on multiple monitors and devices automatically without requiring the multiple manual steps to do that manually. Git was used as the source code repository for the website. 

My Responsibilities, as Architect/Designer/Developer, included:

  • Designing the website layout, UI, color scheme, menu, web pages, and transitions.
  • Updating the infrastructure to accommodate a DEV, BUILD, DIST, and PROD environment.
  • Writing the textual content displayed on each web page.
  • Researching and incorporating other “Maintz” websites as referenced links from within this website.
  • Creating or acquiring and assembling the icons and graphics to be displayed on the website.
  • Developing the HTML, CSS/LESS, JavaScript, and JSON files.