Blue Cross Blue Shield of Missouri Converts Legacy System

BCBSMO was moving from a mainframe IMS system platform to an HP/UX platform. Data needed to be extracted from the IMS database, ftp’ed to the HP/UX platform, and inserted into a fully relational Sybase database. Prior to my arrival on the project each UNIX Bourne and Korn shell script and SQL stored procedure used in the transfer and conversion process had its own logic, style, format, logging mechanism, and error reporting logic. In addition, each new script continued to be created independent of any code previously created.

BCBSMO implemented Facets 2.95. They required assistance in transferring multiple lines of business data from their mainframe IMS system into a Sybase 12.0 database on an HP/UX platform. In addition, a number of modifications and customizations to the standard Facets application were identified and completed to meet their business needs.

BCBSMO implemented Facets 2.95. In the middle of that activity, Wellpoint negotiated a merger of the two companies. Some of the legacy data and most of the newly converted data needed to be reformatted and retransmitted to WellPoint for inclusion in their accounting system. Provisions had to be made to incorporate more of the converted data, rather than the legacy data, as that converted data became available.

BCBSMO implemented Facets 2.95. After transferring specific lines of business data from their mainframe IMS system into a Sybase 12.0 database on an HP/UX platform, it was necessary to recreate an automated process for generating ID cards for members of those lines.

BCBSMO was developing a new Windows-based intranet/internet website that would allow clients to download important documents directly to/from BCBSMo Web Servers. The HTML employed ASP, JavaScript, XML, XSLT, and ODBC connectivity to an Oracle 8i database to control client access and a special directory connected to a UNIX platform to store the selected documents to be downloaded.

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