OSF HealthCare Upgrades from Facets 2.96 to 4.21

The client wanted to upgrade its version 2.96 FACETS database to version 4.11 and then from 4.11 to 4.21 in a single weekend. The physical conversion time alone was expected to be in excess of 25 hours. After analyzing the list of tables to be converted, the order in which they were to be converted, the database configuration, and server configuration, recommendations and subsequent adjustments were made that allowed the double conversion to version 4.21 to occur within a 14 hour timeframe. The client also wanted to implement an ASO reinsurance datamart that would extract data from that FACETS database and two external data sources, integrate them into a single datamart, and produce automated reports that would be available via a Sharepoint Portal and SQL Server Reporting Services. This was a fast-track project that included discovery, requirements definition, design, development, testing, implementation, and rollout into production in a 45 day time period.

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