The client wanted to develop Azure-based Service Fabric Micro-Services that would 1) provide an audit trail of other micro-service activity and save that activity to a Cosmos DB, and 2) create another micro-service that would provide an externally accessible API that would communicate with and interact with an Azure Datalake Factory API. The result was an API that would provide a list of Datalake Factories, Datalake Factory Jobs, their execution status, and provide the ability to start a predefined job at will.

My Responsibilities, as Developer, included:

  • Developing an audit Micro-Service on Azure Service Fabric.
  • Developing a Micro-Service Web Service API on Azure Service Fabric that would authenticate and communicate with a Datalake API that would serve up data related to the operation of the Datalake storage resources.
  • Developing the Postman test scripts for remote API execution and the X-Unit test scripts for unittesting the internal methods.