Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana Implements Facets 4.11

After converting approximately 50,000 HMO members in “Wave 1” of this activity, the client continued the “Wave 2” activity by converting about 400,000 PPO members from their legacy system to FACETS version 4.11 using a monthly installment approach of converting 1/12th of the membership per month based on anniversary date. This conversion included not only the transfer of basic data like membership, groups, billing, eligibility, claims history, and provider information, but also included the creation of over 35 interfaces, 200 reports, 6 custom applications, additional tables and table content in their local data mart, and additional operational utilities to maintain and control the additional functionality provided. The client also requested help in analyzing various aspects of their automated batch schedule to determine the best configuration for current claims volume and the best configuration for the anticipated claims volume after completing the final phase of the “Wave 2” membership conversion.

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