APS Healthcare Upgrades to Facets 4.31

Using its indepth experience in the implementation of TriZetto's Facets application software, abcs contracts with APS Healthcare to help with the upgrade of that software from version 4.11 to the current 4.31 release. The client was a four million-member mental health insurer that wanted to upgrade its version 2.96 FACETS application/database to version 4.01 and then from 4.01 to 4.31 in a single weekend. The physical conversion time was originally expected to take almost 90 hours. After analyzing the list of tables to be converted, the order in which they were to be converted, the database configuration, and server configuration, recommendations and subsequent adjustments were made that allowed the double conversion to version 4.31 to occur in less than 30 hours. 

Being a hosted client, the upgrade required the involvement and coordination of activities between the client and TriZetto’s hosting center in Denver, Colorado. Because of the increased functionality built-in to the new version, the upgrade required the redefinition of multiple Customer Service business processes and workflows, the incorporation of new EDI forms processed through the HIPAA Gateway, and the remediation of several custom applications, interfaces, extracts, DTS packages, and reports. The project required not only technical leadership overseeing the upgrade of custom reports, interfaces, DTS packages, and custom applications, but also, due to the untimely exit of the project manager, required the assimilation of project management leadership, as well.

APS HealthCare